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Teardrop trailer cover

Teardrop trailer cover CAD Drawing
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Teardrop trailer cover

Price: $148.00
TEARDROP TRAILER COVER: Fits 10' - 12' long, 6' wide tab & clam shell teardrop trailers
RV ACCESSORIES: Elasticized hem corners provide a custom fit, integrated air vent system combined with quick drying PolyPRO™ 1 sides reduce wind stress and vent inside moisture, includes 1 air vent on each side
RV STORAGE COVER: Triple-ply PolyPRO™ 3 keeps out rain and snow. Thick, triple-ply top and single-ply sides protect against rain, snow, dirt, nicks and scratches for all-season protection, side release buckles and straps with 2 connection points on each side to secure cover, provided toss bag helps reduce crawling under the RV
RV COVER WITH ACCESS PANELS: 4 zippers for access to rear and side panels during storage
CLAMSHELL ACCESS: Clamshell Teardrop trailer zipper access to door and storage areas may be limited due to varying styles and configurations. To allow access to clamshell openings, the cover securement straps under the trailer may need to be unbuckled
CAMPER COVER WITH WARRANTY: Storage bag included, includes 3-year warranty